Tuesday, April 14, 2009

School Board Elections

School board elections are the most important local election you can get involved in. When you vote in these elections, you have the opportunity to help shape public education in your district.

School board candidates have filed their nominating petitions and An Affidavit of Identity with their local board of education office. Now is the time to contact your coalition units and form a Screening and Recommendation (S & R) Committee to interview all candidates.

Once you have finished the interviews and recommended a candidate, inform the membership, get out and support your candidate(s). Do what is needed to get your candidate(s) elected.

Taking an active role in school board races is the easiest way to influence those who make the decisions in your school district. This is your chance to continue MEA's ongoing advocacy for children, public education and public education employees.

Participate - you will make a difference.