Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Legislative Alert

Your help is needed!

SB 1074 – The Mandatory Outsourcing of Non-Instructional Support Services (Pappageorge (R)-Troy) would require all school districts, including ISDs, to outsource all custodial, food service and transportation services no later than January 2011.

The bill allows the current union to bid on the services and mandates acceptance of the lowest bid.

The bill specifically provides that the outsourced employees may not be employed by the school district. This means those employees would automatically lose their credit in the school employees’ retirement system.

Right now, there is no hearing scheduled on the legislation to move it out of committee.

And to help keep things that way, please contact all members of the Senate Committee on Reforms and Restructuring.

Urge them to VOTE NO in committee on SB 1074.

Members of the committee include:

Senator Mike Bishop, (Chair) 517/373-2417 or

Senator Jud Gilbert, (Vice-Chair) 517/373-7708 or

Senator Tom George 517/373-0793 or

Senator Wayne Kuipers 517/373-6920 or

Senator Mike Prusi (Minority Vice-Chair) 517/373-7840 or

Senator Tupac Hunter 517/373-0994 or

Senator Deb Cherry 517/373-1636 or

In addition, call your own Senators and alert them of the bill. Urge them to VOTE NO on SB 1074