Friday, July 16, 2010

Kent County PAC Recommendations

The KCPAC has finished its Screening and Recommendation for the Aug. 3, 2010 primary. It recommends the following:

House 73 – no position on any candidates

House 77 – no position

House 86 – we recommend a favorable status for Frank Hammond (D) current board member at Kenowa Hills.

House 76 – Continuing recommendation for Roy Schmidt

House 75 – The GRPAC has not finished its S&R at this time.

Senate 29 – KCPAC no position. GRPAC has not finished its S&R – The meet next week July 21 for the senate and the House 75.

3rd Congressional (US) – the KCPAC/GRPAC is recommending to the MEA president that the NEA support Patrick Miles (D).