Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Alert and Call to Action

We have received word that the Speaker of the House has agreed with the Senate budget plan. This plan contains only cuts to programs, no additional revenue. If this plan is adopted, it will mean a $110 cut to the foundation allowance and cutting almost all categorical programs in education. Adoption of a budget based on the Senate cuts will be devastating to education.

House leaders are reportedly ready to approve the Senate budget that cuts more than $1 billion from the state budget. They are rushing to do something rather than taking the time to do the right thing.

For K-12 public education, per pupil funding would be reduced by $110 and almost all categorical funding would be eliminated -- a total slash of almost half a billion dollars.

Pick up the phone. Send an e-mail. Tell your state representative to just say NO to the disastrous Senate budget cuts. (Remember: Don't use your school email or phone)

· Tell them to maintain funding for public education -- the only way to ensure our long-term economic recovery is to prepare our students for the jobs Michigan needs.

· Our leaders in Lansing must stop the political maneuvering around other issues (such as the mandatory health plan for public employees and ill-advised school reforms) -- it's time to focus on fixing our budget.

The only way to fix our budget is to update our antiquated tax structure and bring in revenue from the areas of our economy that are growing (such as services).