Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Your Health Care is on the Chopping Block

Your new health plan will be whatever the state says you can have.

Your health benefits will be cut, but you’ll be paying more for them.

A state Control Board will determine who your doctor will be and what treatments you can have.
Bargaining with your school district for health insurance is no longer your right.

This is your future as a public school employee if you let Speaker Dillon’s Michigan Health Benefits Program become law.

This scheme claims to save millions of dollars by putting all public employees—including school employees—into one giant health plan. But the only way to do that is to gut your benefits and force you to pay more out of your pocket for them.

Time is running out for you. This bill is on the fast track.

Act now to stop this attack on your health benefits and bargaining rights:

1. Go to www.mea.org to read the latest information on the mandatory public employee health plan.

2. Contact your state legislators. Urge them to oppose this plan since there’s no evidence the state can effectively manage such a project or that it will actually save money. Share your stories of wage freezes, concessions and other efforts you’ve made to help your district save money.

3. Volunteer to attend and testify at the committee hearings. Contact your UniServ director for details.

Get educated! Get involved! Fight for your right to bargain quality health care!